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Tamara Alferoff 

MA.Dip Psych. 

Transpersonal Psychotherapist

Supervisor Mentor

Retreats and Groupwork

Certified Facilitator of Work of Byron Katie (™)

Free Download: Discover the hidden  messages in your dreams.

Enter your details for a free PDF on bringing your dream into the conscious mind.  messages in your dreams.


Who would you be without your story?

 Would you like to be...


  • free of fear, regret, resentment

  • leading a conscious, fulfilling life 

  • relaxed & confident whatever happens

  • working the hours & with the Income you desire

  • with the family & friends that nourish & support you

  • having fun, eager to start your day & to return home   

  If it's a Yes, and you want help to find out how,  email me to:

  • find out what stops you

  • discuss your next step

  • explore your dreams, plan for the future

  • discover the influence of your ancestry

  • befriend your feelings, appreciate your body

  • develop the ability to stay present and responsive

  • acquire powerful, simple skills & tools for your & others’ benefit



Summer 2019

The Heroes' Journey  

Joyful, profound, and transformational retreat in the beautiful Languedoc. 

dates and venue tba.

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24 Aug – 31 Aug 2018  

Love, Family Patterns & Relationships


31 Aug – 7 Sept 2018    

Mastery & Magic in Self and the World. 


My Services 

Online courses and webinars, Meetup groups, Workshops and Privat Sessions for Individuals, Couples and Families.

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