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Weekend Residential for The Work Associates UK

UK - April 2018

"Just finished a work week end at the Abbey with Tamara and a bunch of girls. Had a lovely time, the venue was beautiful, the start of the morning with a popcorn session was a great way to realise that I am not the only one cluttered with thoughts!!! and a way to bond with the group.” 

Laura Bochkoltz, Neurological Physiotherapist in the UK.


The Heroes Journey

Kissos - Aug-Sept 2018

What is one thing you will remember? I can’t choose one. The feeling of sublime peace in Damouchari, Particularly that perfect full moon evening. But also: lazing in the hammock; singing badly drinking crappy wine and finding a song that everyone wanted to join in with. And from the workshop work: the constellations. Obviously ‘mine’ was the most significant one for me, but what I love about doing that work is that everyone participates, bypasses the mind, and gets something unexpected and personally meaningful from it."

Helen Thomas, Psychotherapist in training. Business Owner.


The Heroine’s Journey

Lavaldieu- May 2018

Day 5 of retreat. “This week has been such a profound experience for me that I’m not sure I could even find the words to explain and thank you for it, but I sure am going to try. I found here an amazing method for mental relief, some new interesting knowledge, great friendships, a beautiful teacher role-model to admire and learn from, but most of all I found myself - quiet, calm, loving and free - and that is the greatest gift one could ever give or receive. You are such a beautiful soul, compassionate, loving, kind, generous, unbelievably smart, and you have the gift of healing."

Noa Mofaz, Vinyasa Yoga Teacher in Israel.


Waking Dreamwork 

Cape Town  - Month 2018

"My joy is how it resonated both for me and my silver sister Steffi to clear long buried trauma. Thank you for this very powerful and almost shamanic clearing, Tamara.” 

See Full Testimonial >

Cheryl Reum. Realtor and Mentor in
Cape Town.  


Zoom one-to-one Private Session

UK - December 2018

I had a session with Tamara Alferoff on zoom. Within 5 minutes of talking with her, I could feel the tears springing from deep within me. I hadn’t realised I was feeling this way although I’d been having a bit of a stressful day. Then she had me in stitches of laughter.. more tears..  I left the session feeling so much lighter and happy. I was giggling for ages afterwards about the things we spoke about. There is something very special about the gift you have Tamara. Whether it’s your soothing voice or those beautiful eyes... you touched my soul deeply. I’m so glad I have met you here in this group. Thank you”  

Mary Schembri, Holistic Healer.


Private sessions

UK - December 2018

"I have elected to finally gift myself some counselling at an advanced stage of my life to finally understand what my true life operating undercurrent is. I have found in Tamara Alferoff an Elder I resonate with that takes me out of a very strong ego/head/control space into understanding. I am grateful for her professional work allowing peace and understanding. In addition my 30 year old daughter is concurrently journeying with her independently. Quite profound shifts. My chosen Santa for us! Gifts of change and choice. I salute you Tamara Alferoff."

Cheryl Reum, Elder.

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