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Heroine's Journey Retreat in Lavaldieu, France
Daughter, Mother, Beloved, High Priestess

Date TBC
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Heroine’s Journey: Daughter, Mother, Beloved, High Priestess

Who is the retreat for?

For any woman seeking to understand and heal her relationships: with self, parts of self, with our daughters, mothers and grandmothers, the sacred feminine, the divine masculine, the innocent child, and crucially with our mother earth in this time of dramatic change and disruption.


Myth, Archetype, Story, Inquiry, Voice Dialogue, Constellation, time out in nature. A deepening journey to wholeness and integration.

What is the theme for the Seven-Day Retreat?

Persephone, Demeter, and Mary Magdalene are our core Archetypes, to enable us to connect with our lost Innocence, with our courageous, fierce, loving or distant Mother, with the growing wisdom and the power of the Ancient Feminine Mysteries. All in a comfortably restored mediaeval Templar Hamlet in the magnificent setting of the Haute Vallee de l'Aude, close by the legendary Rennes-le-Chateau, Lavaldieu.

  • Are you the young Innocent? At some point did you lose your Innocence? Did you have to grow up? Have you stepped into your wisdom and sacred Feminine power?

  • What is your experience of being or not being a Mother? How do you/did you experience your own Mother? As open, loving and fulfilled, or frustrated, critical, overworked, interfering? Were you betrayed?

  • Would you love to be free of self-doubt, self-judgment, regret and fear?

  • Do you wish you were more confident, spontaneous, balanced and relaxed in your family, workmates, friends, partnerships?

  • And to be more loving, not controlling or constrained by fear or indecision, but in your full dynamism, generosity and creativity?

  • All of this will come with ease once you step into this journey, and you'll return home with a new freedom, a spring in your step, and Love in your heart.

What will be covered on the retreat in France?

Inspired by the myth of Persephone abducted, her grieving Mother Demeter, Goddess of Seed and Harvest, and linking to Mary Magdalene, High Priestess of ancient Sacred Feminine Mysteries I've brought together a wonderful range of modalities for you. We'll use Voice Dialogue, The Work of Byron Katie, Ancestral Constellations, Archetypes, Creative Imagination and Dreamwork to integrate your wholeness, to grow your confidence and connection, and enhance your Heroine's Journey to full expression of Self in this wonderful environment.


All you need is an open mind, and a notebook! if you want to collect any photos of yourself as child, as mother, as wanderer or priestess - any images connected with these themes that will enhance your experience. 

Daily meditations, gorgeous location, wonderful veggie food, time for reflection, solitude and silence... Yoga, local sites... oh and so much more.

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Tania Fierro

 “Tamara is a woman of full integrity and honesty. She is so open and available. Her journey has been strong and her joy, love for life and others show you how deep she's done her inner-work. She is the kind of person you are grateful to have in your life and I know you will be even more grateful to work with her as a Certified Facilitator. You are in for a wonderful ride. Enjoy! I highly, highly recommend Tamara.” 

"Awesome awesome place, I couldn’t recommend it enough I still feel like I visited some kind of profoundly divine & protective other world when I went there with you".


“The course was for me a magic and loving journey which I trod long time ago  ….. with the best possible company”.

Grace Bell

"Tamara holds a steady, trusting, impeccable integrity as someone who has years of experience working with others to support them in understanding their lives, experiences and thoughts. She is humorous and very accepting. I deeply enjoy working with her as a co-facilitator and leader of workshops and groups. I have no doubts in recommending her both for work individually and work as a leader of groups".

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An immersive, enjoyable, & powerful life-changing Retreat
for women to heal their heart, soul & relationships


  • £397 - Tuition and materials

  • 297 Euros - Half board  lodgings payable to arrival.

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