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The Work of Byron Katie in North/Central London

More about the London Meetup

Immersive Inquiry working your stressful thoughts allows you to access your clear, wise, joyous Self.

You’ll go home with more love in your heart, more confidence, & a skill that’s yours forever. 

If you've heard of Byron Katie, you're one of many thousands around the world who are discovering just how joyous, free, and kind life can be when you question your stressful thoughts and beliefs.

This group is designed for those experienced in, and those new to, Inquiry.

  • Here at the Meetup we jump right in. We'll start with a brief share of our experience of The Work - if any.

  • We'll share some thoughts on a given topic, and on one of which I will walk us through a group Inquiry.

  • I may also offer to facilitate an Inquiry with a volunteer if anyone wants to do that.

  • We'll do some written work and some sharing (some find that scary, that's ok, you can take your time while observing that the thoughts others share chime with your own - we call this the One Mind, or Universal Beliefs) so that you can experience for yourself the power of the four questions and the turnarounds.

  • By the end of the morning you'll have a foundation for doing your own Work, as well as the basic skills for facilitating others.

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