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For downloads, resources, events with Byron Katie and others, The School for The Work, books, sound and vision files, and much more, go to The work of Byron Katie.  


For those who have completed the nine-day School for The Work, and wish to join a thriving interactive community: 

Institute for the Work 

Find discussions and member groups for The Work of Byron Katie on Facebook and Youtube.

For example our The Work Associates UK on Facebook welcomes you as a member. 

You’ll find many videos of Byron Katie at work on Youtube.


Download an article: Examined Life by Carol Skolnick.


All courses are suitable for those new to or experienced in The Work of Byron Katie. There is a free Helpline.


A combination of workshop experience and seaside holiday in Greece: Kalikalos Holistic Network 


A partially restored hamlet welcoming individuals, families and groups to re-energize body, mind and spirit, have fun and rest or simply follow their own quest: Lavaldieu


Home of the Richard Glyn Charitable Foundation Ltd., a registered UK educational charity dedicated to Profound Learning:

Gaunts House 

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