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Renaissance Retreat with Tamara Alferoff
Deep Ecology at Fontallorso, near Florence, Italy 

Date TBC

You are invited to take an active part in a week of purposeful inquiry in a wonderful Meditation Retreat Centre in the Tuscan
countryside near Florence.

The time has come. We are learning to come together as aware, awakened individuals & to pool our wisdom, intuition, & experience. You’ve done some deep transformational work. You’ve witnessed much change, marvellous & destructive, happen in your lifetime. You’ve heard the cries of those wondering if they’ll drown tomorrow.

That could be you.

We’re called on to build resilience & resourcefulness in this planetary climate of disruption, destruction, alienation, & unrest.

  • to grow as a power for resilience & response-ability.

  • to build a sense of Belonging, of Purpose & Meaning.

  • to know how to speak with the children. To hear what the children are saying. To listen to the living earth & all her beings with our hearts, whatever the future brings. 


I will bring my own focussed attention and unique individual & group facilitation skills honed over five decades.

We’ll engage in:parts-work, inquiry, group process, circles, waking dream, active imagination, journalling and creative expression, meditations, nature and animal wisdom, archetype myths, and constellations, and the beautiful wooded hillside around Fontallorso.

Together we’ll call on our intuition, our ancient wisdom, ancestral stories, our imagination and creativity to meet the challenges facing our little group, our families, our tribe, our humanity, our Mother Earth  to step out together as a global energy in collaboration and understanding. 

We’ll discover pathways through our grief and abysmal feelings of helplessness, in our circles and solo/pair work. We build emotional and mental muscle, and community.


We realise deep connection with all that is, wherein lies an astonishing Joy and all-embracing Love. As you lean deeper into the work, there will be plenty of time for solitude, silence,  and rebalancing to nurture you.


Dedicated time for rest and essential time in Nature, the very foundation of our being, in this unspoiled wooded hillside retreat.


You’ll return home with new resources and confidence, a sense of empowerment and creativity instead of confusion or hopelessness, and with a set of skills, strategies and connections to carry forward in service, as the new world comes into being.  

A new Renaissance is happening

Do you feel it too?

The location: The centre, located in hilly wood and outside Florence, consists of a beautifully equipped, five-floor sustainably restored villa, with a spacious & beautiful meditation room, and a large wood and glass hall in the 100 hectare woods. Every detail is designed to offer you a nourishing, comfortable experience.  

Your hosts promise: "We do all our best to support a 
process of soul-connection, where deep exchange between those who conduct the events and those who attend them can truly happen. and while doing it, we keep a modest, lovely and joyful intent, to the benefit of mutual growth and awareness.”  When your body is comfortable, your mind is free to open to new challenges & insights. 

You’ll return home with new resources and confidence, a sense of empowerment and creativity instead of confusion or hopelessness, and with a set of skills, strategies and connections to carry forward in service, as the new world comes into being.  

Full board (delicious vegetarian/vegan) payable direct in €uros to Fontallorso.


  • 7 nights Single with ensuite - 700 €uros

  • 7 nights Double with ensuite - 490 €uros

  • 7 nights Triple/Quad with ensuite - 455 €uros

Facilitation and all materials: suggested donation of £157 (Tamara chooses to offer this as a non-profit.) 

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"I can only recommend this from the bottom of my heart. It was just an amazing experience, so much deep knowledge and love shared from Tamara and all the friends, including the all the staff and owner of Fontallorso.

Tamara's workshop transformed me profoundly and contribute to me being able to see more clearly and redirect my priorities. Now I am working supporting other souls longing to contribute to mother earths recovery and to our own reconnection with ourselves. Regain a clear and safe mind, loving actions towards ourselves, others lifeforms, the planet and the whole of existence is the calling I heard loud and clear.Please do not miss this!"

"The subject of Tamara's retreat was an inquiry into Deep Positive Adaptation in relation to the global crisis which is facing our world. This retreat allowed me to move one step closer in my determination to do as much as I can to take responsibility for my actions in this crisis which faces us all.

It taught me to begin to unblock my locked-in beliefs of right and wrong, them and us, and helped me to discover and experience a deeper understanding which, very likely, I would never have achieved on my own. I can't wait to return in April".

"This is a golden opportunity for anyone out there who would like to go on a very interesting introspection about life on this planet in beautiful settings, comfortable house, and Tamara's excellent guidance, all at a very affordable price".

"I so vouch for Tamara Alferoff!"

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