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Who is Byron Katie and What is The Work™? 

Byron Katie is an American woman who until her forties was living a life of desperation, depression, and rage, who one day awoke with the realisation that all her suffering arose out of her believing her stressful thoughts.  When she questioned whether those thoughts were really true for her - no suffering. Over a period of three years she found a way to bring her discovery to others through what is now known as


The Work of Byron Katie:  


A simple, elegant process to identify and inquire into those thoughts that, when you believe them, cause your stress, suffering, confusion and conflict.  


Four questions and a Turnaround: 

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1. Is it true? 

2. Can you absolutely know that it is true? 

3. How do you react (what happens) when you believe that thought? 

4. Who would you be without that thought? 


Turn the thought around.

(Find three genuine examples of how the turnaround is as true or truer in your life.) 


Why would you see a facilitator? 


If you are new to The Work, a facilitator can


  • help identify the beliefs and thoughts that cause your suffering

  • walk with you through the four questions and turnarounds

  • keep your inquiry focussed

  • assist you in deepening your exploration

  • note any underlying beliefs for further inquiry

  • support you in establishing a regular practice, so that eventually the process comes to life, and you have a way to regain your clarity whenever a stressful thought or situation disturbs your peace of mind.


In addition, many people who have been doing The Work  for a while find that working with a facilitator  from time to time can help locate and unstick particularly persistent beliefs, bring fresh angles to the Four Questions and Turnarounds, and deepen your experience.  


You can also join the global community of thousands of others who do The Work through the internet or at events and workshops worldwide.


© 2009 Byron Katie, Inc. All rights reserved.


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