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The Third Renaissance Retreat with Tamara Alferoff
at Fontallorso, near Florence, Tuscany

Rescheduled 9th-15th September 2024

You are invited to come together for a week of nurturing, dreaming, exploring your wild and creative self in a wonderful Renaissance Retreat Centre in the Tuscan countryside near Florence. 

Once we have settled in & co-created the alchemical vessel for our week together, we will make a wonderful start to each day with a Waking Dream session, opening to a whole world of myth, archetypes, imagination, imagery and image making, iconography, symbolism, intuition, the invisible, ancestral memory (past & future), writing, story, and journeying. Creating your own personal myth or fairytale is a wonderful experience. All the while relishing the wonderful vegetarian cuisine specially prepared for us, the glorious setting in the spacious villa overlooking the valley towards the warm West, the extensive grounds, the wild woods, and the timeless landscape of Tuscany.  


We’ll have plenty of time for meditation, rest, sleeping, periods of solitude, times of companionship. Each person gifted with the invitation to have their needs met, to be responsive and responsible for their wellbeing, and flexibility within the group to flow in harmony through the week. We will sing, laugh, dance, learn to move our bodies sensitively and differently, sleep soundly in lovely bedrooms, stay awake to watch stars  in the clear dark sky, rise to the beauty of the dawn, or snooze till lunch, or even all day.  There’s usually some local Tuscan wine with dinner. Special diets can be catered for. 


I will bring my own focussed attention and unique individual & group facilitation skills honed over five decades,  with the love I have for the astonishing brilliance of the human heart and spirit that arises in the groups I hold & retreats I facilitate, and that often moves me very deeply. 


You will bring an open mind, an honest heart, and the willingness to listen to and support others. You may also bring your weary, scared, sad, or lonely self. Every part is completely welcome here, and we will maintain the basic principles of respect and safety as each of us takes responsibility for their feelings and thoughts.. 


For those who want to explore deeply and build deep connections with each other, we will have morning sessions for individual dreamwork, Voice Dialogue sessions, Inquiry (TW), and  group Family Tableaux (a form of Constellation work), which are fun to do, very moving, universally applicable, and transforming of problematic relationships both current and ancestral. I might bring any or all of these skills to any session as I intuit what may be emerging, both in group sessions and any 121s too. Depending on demand there may be a fee for booking extra private sessions with me during breaks. 

We’ll engage in: parts-work, inquiry, group process, circles, waking dream, active imagination, journalling and creative expression, meditations, story-telling, nature and animal wisdom, archetypes, myths, and constellations, and exploring or relaxing in the beautiful wooded hillsides around Fontallorso. Power animals may well show up in the natural environs, & we can tune in to what they bring. There will also be ample time for solitude, silence, digesting, processing, and rebalancing to nurture you, with dedicated time for rest and essential time in Nature, the very foundation of our being, in this unspoiled, welcoming, and comfortable retreat. 


Afternoons will be free for you to relax, sleep, wander, explore local villages, and one day we may be blessed with a guided tour by the charming and knowledgeable Andrea, including a visit to a local monastery where you can buy their liqueur and honey. 


At the end of the day, before or after supper we’ll reconvene to share insights, ask questions, do a bit of processing as required, & celebrate the day. . 


It takes a village to raise a child, they say.  I can already feel a sense of tribe forming, albeit temporary, as we spend the week together.  It’s my opinion that tribe-forming, locally or globally, in person or online, by whatever positive and creative means, is what we humans need most at this time, and in time-honoured fashion we’ll call on our intuition, our ancient wisdom, ancestral stories, our imagination and creativity to build that sense of connection - you may form friendships that will last long after you return home. 


NB: If there is something you would like to offer, such as a yoga session, there will be provision for that in the timetable. 


Now is the time to realise deep connection with all that is, wherein lies an astonishing Joy and all-embracing Love.  

So please join me. Let us come together, and grow more joy, confidence and friendship in our hearts to see us through and help us find our way forward in the future. This is freedom. Flowing freely in the present. Nature - trees, fungi, birds, animals, insects, earth, people, plants, fish, bacteria, all conspire to give us what we need. 


The Earth says Yes, walk on my soil & pathways, rocks, sand & forest floor, breathe my air, drink my water, eat my fruits, free your own precious self, & when you do, everything just loves you right back. It’s time to say YES. 

A new Renaissance is happening

Do you feel it too?

The location: The centre, located in hilly wood & outside Florence, consists of a fully equipped, five-storey sustainably restored patrician villa, with a spacious & elegant gold and blue meditation room, and a large wood & glass hall in the 100 hectare woods. Every detail is designed to offer you a nourishing, comfortable experience. And a sauna and Jacuzzi.

Our hosts promise: "We do all our best to support a 
process of soul-connection, where deep exchange between those who conduct the events and those who attend them can truly happen. and while doing it, we keep a modest, lovely and joyful intent, to the benefit of mutual growth and awareness.”  When your body is comfortable, your mind is free to open to new challenges & insights. 

You’re likely to return home with:

  • Important new clarity, resources & confidence

  • A rediscovered sense of Purpose & Meaning.

  • Genuine new Friends & Colleagues

  • An ongoing experience of profound Joy & Creativity,

  • A restored, relaxed, & nourished Body

  • Lightness of spirit

  • More Love in your heart for our Mother Earth & all her creatures

  • An intimate sense of the sacred Beauty & universal Wisdom in all things

  • A set of skills, strategies & connections to carry forward in service & in harmony

I am honoured to be invited to bring this special event back to Fontallorso.


9th-15th September. (with the option to arrive on 8th and leave on 16th September.

Full board 7 nights (vegetarian/vegan) pay Fontallorso direct in €uros.


  • Single (full board - per person per day) 120€

  • Double (full board - per person per day) 95€

  • Single (half board - per person per day) 105€

  • Double (half board - per person per day) 80€

  • Facilitation, guidance & support (suggested) £227

  • Non refundable 75€ deposit secures your place. 

Book now:

When booking, book the room half board option. And specify the full number of days and Renaissance Retreat with Tamara. 

For more info:

Facilitation, Guidance & Support: (suggested) £227

(Tamara chooses to offer this as a non-profit).

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Special Suggestions

We have an idea to spend a day or two before or after our retreat in Florence itself, whose wonderful art, sacred buildings, and very air is so implicit in the Renaissance, before or after the workshop. We’re exploring the practicability of  travelling to Italy sustainably - train, sharing, coach.



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"I can only recommend this from the bottom of my heart. It was just an amazing experience, so much deep knowledge and love shared from Tamara and all the friends, including the all the staff and owner of Fontallorso.

Tamara's workshop transformed me profoundly and contribute to me being able to see more clearly and redirect my priorities. Now I am working supporting other souls longing to contribute to mother earths recovery and to our own reconnection with ourselves. Regain a clear and safe mind, loving actions towards ourselves, others lifeforms, the planet and the whole of existence is the calling I heard loud and clear. Please do not miss this!"

"The subject of Tamara's retreat was an inquiry into Deep Positive Adaptation in relation to the global crisis which is facing our world. This retreat allowed me to move one step closer in my determination to do as much as I can to take responsibility for my actions in this crisis which faces us all.

It taught me to begin to unblock my locked-in beliefs of right and wrong, them and us, and helped me to discover and experience a deeper understanding which, very likely, I would never have achieved on my own. I can't wait to return in April".

"This is a golden opportunity for anyone out there who would like to go on a very interesting introspection about life on this planet in beautiful settings, comfortable house, and Tamara's excellent guidance, all at a very affordable price".

"I so vouch for Tamara Alferoff!"

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