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More about Tamara


As a mother, grandmother, mother-in-law, and therapist and trainer, living in the huge metropolis of London, stress and strife still arise; only now I notice they quickly disperse, and if not, I bring my thoughts and judgements (about myself or others or the world at large) to Inquiry, and my argument with reality simply dissolves into clarity and even fun. My friends and family can confirm that I'm just nicer to be with, and they teach me more about love every day. 


As your Certified Facilitator and Coach, my task is to place my experience, humanity, and skill at your service, so that you can begin to unfold and explore those thoughts and beliefs that cause the suffering in your life.  

In my work as a lecturer, tutor and therapist, The Work of Byron Katie has radically informed the way I practice, teach, and supervise students of Transpersonal Psychotherapy at the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education (CCPE) in London.

For over four decades I’ve taken great pleasure in facilitating workshops and retreats, as well as maintaining my private practice work with individuals and couples and groups. Workshops address a wide range of topics including: Family Constellations, Symptoms, Conflict Clarification, Council of All Beings, Co-Counselling Training, Group Dynamics, Dream Work, Well-Being, Body, Relationships, Despair and Empowerment, Food, Money, Inner Child, World Issues, Fear and Freedom, Creativity, Parenting, Aging and Illness, Group Facilitation Training, and some new and exciting themes coming up weaving Creative, Sensory, and Kinetic expression together with inner work. 

My MA in Languages and Literature, with Art and Philosophy, led me to Yoga, Meditation and Jung, which opened up a wide range of exciting new and innovatory avenues in the early days of “Alternative  London”, with Gestalt, Psychosynthesis, Five Rythms, BaKua, and Meditation making appearances. 

studied Process-Oriented Psychotherapy (Arnold Mindell), Shiatsu (Peter Payne), Dream work (Susan Heller), Meditation & Yoga, Group Analysis, Radical Aliveness  and Mentor Program (Richard Moss), Art Therapy (Liesl Silverstone), Family Constellations (Hellinger),  Archetypes (Carol Pearson) and much more..  

Participants regularly experience a deeper sense of connection, purpose, and peace, as well as coming out lighter and more connected in relationship to self, other, and the world.  Times of intensive work relieved with periods for solitude and silence. A supportive, challenging, and transformative process!

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