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Greece Retreat - Heroes Journey with Tamara Alferoff

10th July – 19th July 2019, from €600

Love, Family Patterns & Relationships 
Mastery & Magic in Self and the World

An immersive format of playful, powerfully-focussed exercises understanding any patterns that may obscure & hinder our access to, & expression of, deep wisdom, spontaneity & connection.


We’ll gently invite the Archetypes of Innocent, Orphan, Warrior, Caregiver, Seeker, Lover to speak from their own perceptions, to hear & see how they influence our relationships,

how they have steered our life journey, & how we may evoke them in others. We’ll discover what may be hidden, suppressed, & waiting to invite us to step into the next stage of our life. If there’s time, we’ll also meet the Destroyer, Creator, Ruler, Magician, Sage, & Fool

You are invited to discover how to track your life experiences to engage & align with the Archetypes in your psyche, liberating their creativity & depth,  retrieve essential  lost parts of yourself, & go forward into your life  with renewed energy & a sense of meaningful purpose.

The Work of Byron Katie®, Voice Dialogue®, Constellations, Archetypes, & Waking Dream Work will be our tools of choice.


Many of the voices may be those of our ancestors, echoing down the generations, so we’ll be looking at patterns, traumas, & credos that we have inherited, some direct & conscious, and others previously unseen, as well as those generated by the ways in which we responded & coped with events in our lives.

Working singly, in pairs, & in group, we build a container &  atmosphere of loving attention, intimacy, open mind, & spaciousness, so that the group itself becomes an amazing resource.

We encourage & support  you to take this time for yourself, take full advantage of this unique opportunity to go as deep as you wish, to rest & restore your body, mind, & spirit.

Enhance, deepen and ground your experience with:

Movement, writing, drawing, other art forms, conjunct with inquiry and
dialogue to enhance, deepen and ground your experience.

What to expect...

You'll make lasting friendships.

You'll have fun.

You'll relax and feel healthier.

You'll go home with new skills and self-knowledge.

You’ll have opportunities to visit sacred and dramatic sites, hang around in hammocks, walk the cool forested slopes of Mount Pelion, frolic in waterfalls or laze in the crystal Aegean, marvel at the ancient enormous trees, eat the wonderful food, try the local tipple, and welcome the kindness and generosity of the local Greek people.

Retreat Schedule

Before breakfast: options maybe Yoga, Meditation, or Tai-Chi.

Mornings: Intensive workshop time

Afternoons: Beach, excursions, rest. Throughout your time here, our magnificent Mother Earth in glorious manifestation will support, shelter, challenge, nourish, and communicate with you.

Evenings: Community and Gathering. 

Find out more about Tamara Alferoff.

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