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France Retreat in Lavaldieu
The Heroine's Journey Daughter, Mother, Lover and Priestess with
the Archetypes of Persephone Demeter and Mary Magdalene

13th June - 20th June 2019, £397 Tuition & Outings + €297 Lodging & Half Board

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Early Bird Offer - £357

Heroine’s Journey: Daughter Mother Lover Priestess
with the myths of Persephone Demeter & Mary Magdalene

If, like me, you've been feeling unsettled lately by events in the media and political arenas, or in your personal and family relationships, or disconnected and lonely, or you're an inspired but frustrated warrior for peace and planet, and you are searching for a way

  • to be the true Heroine you always were

  • Rediscover the Love in your Mother/Daughter dynamic

  • to balance, to settle, to be free of anxiety

  • to empower those lost and confused aspects of your being

  • to restore your innate intuition and creativity

  • to connect with your wild and divine grace

  • to relate not only to all of your parts, but also to rediscover that heart-based connection with others
  • step into Leadership, Mentorship, or Guide for others

  • to embody your magical, natural charismatic Self

  • love and enjoy your body and have fun in magical

  • mythical locations

  • be an integral part of the healing of our Mother Earth

...and to heal your family patterns and inheritance. This retreat is made for you.

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Special Offer: Introduce another participant and receive £70 discount *EACH*

 The Work of Byron Katie, Voice Dialogue,
Ancestral Patterns, Constellations, Creative Imagination & Dreamwork

What will be covered on the retreat in France?

Inspired by the myth of Persephone abducted, her grieving Mother Demeter, Goddess of Seed and Harvest, and linking to Mary Magdalene, High Priestess of ancient Sacred Feminine Mysteries I've brought together a wonderful range of modalities for you. We'll use Voice Dialogue, The Work of Byron Katie, Ancestral Constellations, Archetypes, Creative Imagination and Dreamwork to integrate your wholeness, to grow your confidence and connection, and enhance your Heroine's Journey to full expression of Self in this wonderful environment.


All you need is an open mind, and a notebook! if you want to collect any photos of yourself as child, as mother, as wanderer or priestess - any images connected with these themes that will enhance your experience. 

Daily meditations, gorgeous location, wonderful veggie food, time for reflection, solitude and silence... Yoga, local sites... oh and so much more.

Book your vegetarian half-board & farmhouse accommodation direct to


  • £397 - Tuition and outings

  • 296 Euros or GBP- Bed & half board payable to Lavaldieu

  • £70 non-refundable deposit secures your place.

  • Discount for camping.   



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Pay £70 non-refundable deposit to secure your place.



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