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Archetypes, Dreams, Movement and NVC


Kalikalos, Pelion, Greece

An immersive week of playful, powerfully focused exercises exploring patterns that obscure and cripple our experience and expression of deep wisdom, spontaneity and connection. We’ll invite the Archetypes of Innocent, Orphan, Warrior, Caregiver, Seeker, Lover to show us how they manifest in and influence your relationships, your life journey, and how you meet them in others. We’ll discover what may be hidden, suppressed, or waiting to invite you to step into the next stage of your life. If there’s time, we’ll also meet the Destroyer, Creator, Ruler, Magician, Sage, and Fool, or that may be another story…

The Work of Byron Katie®, Voice Dialogue®, Constellations, Story,  and Waking Dream Work will be essential tools during our morning Workshop time.


After lunch, you’re free to go deeper in solo or pair sessions, to rest, do your practice, read, share a massage, swim in the crystal waters of the Aegean or mountain springs, pools & streams, socialise, paint, walk the forest tracks, and visit the unmissable giant trees, a thousand years old or more, in the nearby villages; there’s some community time, maybe meditation, ritual, invocation, star or storm-gazing... An excursion to local sites will be organized.  There will be periods of solitude and silence during the week, in a foundation of mindfulness.   


In the course of these 10 days, you’ll discover how to identify and work with limiting beliefs & patterns that inhibit access to, and expression of, your natural ancient wisdom. We’ll track our life experiences to reawaken, align with, and revivify the Archetypes in our psyches, reconnect with lost parts of ourselves, and go forward with renewed energy and a deep sense of meaningful connection.

Booking - 

Enrol as Community Guest €300.  Tuition by arrangement.



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