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Welcome to a place where you can share your most argumentative, fearful, or just plain wishful thoughts, and experience a lightening of your spirits.

It is my privilege to offer here The Work of Byron Katie. In a lifetime of searching literature, philosophy, art, yoga, meditation, therapies - and of 25 years as a Transpersonal Psychotherapist and Trainer, nothing has come close to the power, elegance, and simplicity of The Work in lifting the veils of my opinionated "I-know, I-am-right" mind to reveal the freedom,  beauty and joy that have always lain beneath my stressful, painful thinking. 

Even, especially, in these times of violence, economic misery, and widespread scandals in social care, taking my stressful thoughts through The Four Questions and the Turnaround unfailingly restores to me a sense of gratitude and peace, and consequently more availability and clarity in times of need.

My world has grown closer to fearless, loving, and free, and I have yet to find an issue that is not responsive to Inquiry.  I welcome you to contact me with whatever is causing you stress.  I have many years of experience in all these areas, working with individuals, couples, and groups:

  • Relationships, Love, Divorce
  • Family
  • Fear (eg: flying, heights, social phobias)
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Pain and Illness
  • Body image, Aging, Death and Loss
  • Work, Competition, Redundancy
  • Isolation
  • World Issues, Environment
  • Spiritual Angst

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